About Us

Let C&R help build your future.

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C & R Constructors, LLC is a family-owned and operated Commercial/Residential construction company in Central Florida.

Founded in 2016, we have over 40 years of experience in numerous areas of construction. Our expertise includes commercial build-outs and construction, multi-family dwellings, and residential remodeling. This includes large-scale home improvements, additions, and complete remodels. Our subcontractors are thoroughly vetted and supervised for quality assurance.

About the Owners

Curtis Hoffman

Curtis was born and raised in Sanford, Florida. He attended Seminole High School while he worked for his father, Wayne Hoffman, focusing on business development and project management for an HVAC and construction business. After high school, Curtis attended the University of North Florida to pursue a bachelor of science.

Curtis has gained over 40 years of experience as a generational trades contractor throughout the United States. He learned about the construction industry as a self-performing residential and light commercial contractor and later became a commercial builder. Curtis has experience with the following: commercial office & retail, light industrial, residential builder, multi-family, restaurant, institutional, hospitality, and healthcare properties.

Curtis has become immensely experienced with high-end properties for TI builds, Cap-X, ground-up construction, and renovations. He has experience with federally funded projects, military projects, and local, state & federal agencies such as FDOT, GSA, VA, OSG, HSA, ICE, DOJ, FAA, FCC, and more.

Riley Hoffman

Riley was born and raised in Sanford, Florida. He got started in the construction and trades business in 2013 while attending Seminole High School. After graduation, Riley had extensive experience in project management and trades of both commercial and residential construction.

Over the years, Riley has traveled throughout Florida where he has completed specialized projects for national retail companies and private clients. He continues to further his previous relationships while expanding his clientele into the residential construction industry, where he tailors to their wants and needs. Riley is committed to providing personalized service to clients, turning construction dreams into reality.

Maverick Hoffman

Maverick (Mavy), was born and raised in Sorrento, Florida. He has lived his entire life visiting construction sites with his dad, Riley. Maverick aims to provide clients with love and affection. All interactions with Maverick have had positive outcomes.

When Maverick is not working, he enjoys playing with his frisbee, tennis ball, or his best friends Brooklyn and Birdie.