looking for a place to store your watercraft or a seawall?

Our dedicated team specializes in building marine docks and seawalls.

Picture of a finished boat dock

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Picture of a finished dock

What We Do

We provide beginning-to-end services, from the initial concept to the completion. Our marine team will come to your location to build high-quality and affordable docks, boat lifts, boat houses, and seawalls. We use only the best quality materials and installation methods to ensure long-lasting durability and safety.

We use the best materials for our deck framing, with high-quality .40 lumber and saltwater-rated stainless steel hardware. Additionally, we offer a range of composite decking options to suit different budgets and preferences. Our options include Fiberon economy-grade, Trex mid-grade, Town and Country upper mid-grade, and Apex high-grade PVC decking.